Saturday, October 08, 2005


Now there's an idea...

Conservative Home have a notion that this might work:

"The great fear of the right is that David Cameron will reduce the Conservative Party to a pale blue imitation of Tony Blair. One way of correcting that will be to install his tennis buddy, Liam Fox, as his running mate. Dr Fox, of course, is still pursuing his own leadership bid but he may have pinned too much hope on the socially conservative Cornerstone group, who appear to have all the unity of Monty Python's People's Front of Judea. If Liam Fox offered Cornerstone withdrawal from the EU they'd probably splinter over how quickly it should be delivered. We'll know more after Tuesday's parliamentary meeting of Cornerstone...

If Dr Fox did join David Cameron's team it could threaten David Davis' base on the right of the party. DC would still have to address the substance issues but that could partly be achieved by giving Oliver Letwin and George Osborne (an outstanding Shadow Chancellor over the last few months) more prominent roles in his campaign. If DC is seen to be at the head of a formidable team he could become unstoppable."

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The question is of course, would such an alliance work AFTER Foxy was knocked out (assuming that happens, and if Cornerstone back him it may not).

I don't see why anyone would play second fiddle to David Cameron. He has done nothing to show he's substantial or Conservative enough to be leader.
'Cam is On' has grown up in a Blairite culture, there is no substance to David 'Cam is On'. He is all bull, shit and piss. We need a leader of substance, integrity, and courage of conviction. Not a budding Tim Henman.
.....He has done nothing to show he's substantial or Conservative enough to be leader......

He has shown that the media love him.......for now!!!!

Like Clarke and his electability, the longer term poisition of DC in the eyes of the media is an open question.
Fox and Cameron together NOW would walk it.

Davis and Clarke would both have the rug pulled from under them.

But Fox is surely too smug to make the jump before getting knocked out. The impact of his supporting Cameron AFTER being knocked out would be minimal in doing anything but totally wrecking Davis.
DJDave, I think I broadly agree - a Cameron / Fox dream ticket has to be launched before the ballot or it's a chocolate teapot (pointless).
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