Tuesday, October 18, 2005


James puts it perfectly...

"Today Conservative MPs cast their first votes on who should be our next leader.

It's no secret that I think the candidate best suited to that role is Doctor Liam Fox (who was endorsed today by my own MP, Geoffrey Cox), who has the right combination of style and substance to return a Conservative government to power. His belief is that Conservative Party has failed because we have allowed ourselves to become irrelevant to the electorate, and that the only way to change this is to adopt an agenda that matters.
This has been overlooked by the press who seem to prefer David Cameron and his talk of "change". However, if we want to change, we have to say first what we change to. This is something the Cameron campaign seems unclear on. I believe this is because they are driven by image rather than by an agenda. Sadly this lack of substance has been overlooked by a media intent only on discussing the abuse of substances.
We have to have a clear agenda. Simply installing a nicely spoken young leader will not in itself reverse the party's fortunes. To suggest it will suggests more than a little susceptibility to a cult of personality. I think there's been a little too much of this cult of personality in our politics, and the Conservative Party will ultimately be judged by the electorate not by how we look or the age of our members but on what we intend to bring to our country.

For too long, the Conservative Party has been too introspective to be relevant. Even now that's the focus of the leadership election ("Change to Win"). There has been too much talking about what candidates will do for the party, and too little talk about the party should do for the country. Only Dr Fox has really consistently addressed that. His focus on offering solutions to Britain's very real social and economic problems indicates that he is best placed to take the fight to Labour.
Dr Fox's compassionate brand of Conservatism - with its commitment to unconditionally support the people our society has failed like the mentally ill - demonstrates once and for all that we are not the "nasty" party, but are instead dedicated to improving Britain. With this agenda, rather than just empty rhetoric concerning "change", the electorate will see that we are addressing the issues that matter to them - then we will win.
I would urge any undecided Conservative MP to today cast their vote in support of this vision."

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