Thursday, October 20, 2005


I'll see your Cameron and raise you a Foxy

The Telegraph tells it how it is:

"For his part, David Davis has been comprehensively overtaken not only by David Cameron but by Liam Fox. Fifty-eight per cent of grassroots members now want Dr Fox to be one of the final contenders compared with only 51 per cent who want Mr Davis to remain in contention and, when asked to choose among all three of the present candidates, grassroots members place Dr Fox on 18 per cent, far behind David Cameron but narrowly ahead of Mr Davis, now favoured by only 15 per cent of the party's rank and file.

A Cameron-Fox contest is clearly the one a majority of Tories in the country want. Any other choice would result in thousands of them feeling cheated."

I wonder if some MPs will switch from Davis to Fox because Fox is less likely to pull out from the membership ballot if he becomes second?
It's a terrible shame.
Fox Blogger

Commiserations on the elimination of your man. Can I interest you in a slightly used Ex SAS Candidate?
Liam Fox is a disgrace, as you will know by now. He has brought his party into disrepute, and should resign as an MP
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