Monday, October 03, 2005


IDS presents the power of the community

I'm amazed that IDS's fantastic speech this afternoon hasn't been picked up by the media. I was pottering around, having watched Rifkind launch his "campaign" (a campaign about as pointless as a chocolate teapot) and suddenly striding onto stage was the ex-leader himself. Oh, and what is it about Tory Conferences and rapturous applause for the recently culled? Hmmm...

Anyway, imagine my delight when, despite not being able to see the video being played on the big screens, I suddenly heard the dulcit tones of Andy Hawthorne of The Message extoling the virtues of Eden, a project to place young Christians into the heart of poor urban Manchester. Eden is a classic example of how simply throwing money at a problem (the normal left-wing solution) isn't going to solve it. Rather, the Edenites live among the communities they have come to help, and commit themselves to homes alongside the marginalised and deprived.

This of course is exactly what our man Liam was talking about on the 21st of July (to Duncan Smith's Centre for Social Justice). Unless we do something fundamentally radical about the breakdown of society in our country we will never deal with the country's problems. Duncan Smith today highlighted the great social reformers of the past who transformed their generations - Wilberforce, Shaftesbury and the like. Yes, he pointed out that they were Tories, but equally they were committed Christians who sacrificed highest office in order that they might progress the common good. Frankly we need more of these kind of men and women.

And an IDS endorsement of Foxy wouldn't go amiss either.

Those wacky, bigoted, "Taliban Tendency" Christians eh? Whatever next - individuals giving up high salaried careers because the future of their neighbours is more important? Pah - archaic maedieval fools the lot of them...

Duncan's speech took a fair few swipes at Dr Fox. He took the time to praise all the leadership contenders, except the Doctor. He then flung a few Tory Taliban slurs around.

It's nice to know that the target of his attacks has been spending the camapaign championing unfashionable causes, something which won acclaim from SANE, while Duncan has busied himself bigging up Duncan.
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