Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Good First Round for Foxy

Cameron : 56
Clarke : 38
Davis : 62
Fox : 42

Let me stick my neck out here. I think that the Davis vote is just a fraction too low to prevent some major seepage to Foxy and Cameron. The bottom line is that even if ALL the Clarke vote goes to Cameron (and none to Fox) then only 10 of Davis' supporters need to switch to Fox for Davis to be in dire straits. Do the math.

Foxy's done better than expected, that's true. But only because he was expected to come bottom.

Clarke is likely to back Cameron and, even if he doesn't, nobody belives his supporters will back Fox in any great numbers.

But don't worry, Fox will get another chance before the next election.
A very good result for Dr Fox. I don't but the tactical voting line that Damian Green has floated on the BBC. The Davis camp needed Clarke - he split the Cameron vote. If that's tactical voting, I want someone else's tactics!

Hopefully now Team Fox can start to get hold of some of DD's support.
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