Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Foxy tells Conference how it is

Now, I know what you're going to say. The Doctor had a bit to say about Europe didn't he? We thought we'd put that all behind us hadn't we? I mean, surely the spokesman for Foreign Affairs has better things to do then talk about other countries and our relationships with them?

Foxy's speech was good, firstly covering his Shadow Cabinet brief and outlining the majority Tory opinion on the subject. Then he moved onto the real heart of his message - the renewal of those parts of the Country (you remember that country, it's the one with the Union Flag which, as Foxy was right to point out we shouldn't have any problem flying given that it's the Union Flag of the United Kingdom) that have socially collapsed. Yes, let's be honest about the collapse of marriage (not helped by successive governments undermining it by removing all financial support), the millions of young men and women who are reaping the harvest of decades of social liberalism. The teenagers on our streets late at night with no role-models or direction.

Does that sound harsh? Not at all. Tories have been at the vanguard of all the major social revolutions in this country. In the 18th Century Wilberforce (*cough* - a Tory) fought long and hard, to his grave, for the abolition of the pernicious practice of Slavery. At the time he was seen by some as a radical religious nutter - now he's regarded as the father of modern liberal freedoms. What about Shaftesbury in the 19th Century? This member of the Victorian Taliban Tendency was stupid and bigotted enough to think that little children shouldn't be sent up chimneys. How outrageous of him to impose his own moral ideas on the nation! And in the twentieth century, what about that National Health Service malarkey, the plans for which were drawn up under a Conservative Government? Well, words fail me as to the inteferingness and high-moral-mindedness of those insular tower-dwellers who implemented that footling idea.

One example of the revolution we need in this country is the desperate requirement to reform our Mental Health Services. Foxy has put his neck on the block about this one, and he was unashamed of it this afternoon. It's an example of the radical, morally driven agenda that we need at this time. It's an agenda that comes from a deep-rooted moral conviction about what is good and what is not good, not from a political expediency that simply seeks power for the sake of it, surrendering political agenda to those who would give that power.

Foxy is the man to lead such a radical agenda, for our party and our country.

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