Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Foxy in the Torygraph

"The choice of the Conservative Party's next leader matters greatly to the British people. They know that Labour has failed to tackle many of the most profound problems facing our country. Voters want to be reassured that they will have a credible alternative at the next general election.

The voters we need to win back despair at trivial disputes about personalities. They want someone who understands and will tackle the issues that worry them, and who will stand up to Labour. I believe I am the only candidate who offers this choice.

If we are to win voters' trust, we need to act on three fronts: to mend our broken society, create prosperity and restore our country to its rightful place in the world.

We see the evidence of a broken society every week in the headlines - rising truancy rates, mindless violence in our streets, disorder in our schools and violence in our homes. Labour has proved that eye-catching initiatives such as police on the beat, more prison places and tougher sentencing are not enough. We have to tackle the root causes."

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