Monday, October 17, 2005


The Drugs Thing

We need to say something about it don't we? Huh? Well we do...

Let's be honest here - if Cameron took smack while he was at Oxford, almost 20 years ago, then frankly let's just forget about it. You should see some of the things I did at university. But (and this is the point) if he did smack or crack or whatever the class A fancy of the day was in the last few years, then we have a real issue on our hands. Bottom line is that it's not appropriate for someone who engages in criminal acts to be Prime Minister.

What's really bugging me though is why Cameron won't come clean and just let us know. If he didn't take Class A drugs in the past then he should just come out and say so. If he did, then he needs to start practising some honesty and truthfulness and confess all. This "it's my private life so it doesn't matter" nonsense is ridiculous.


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