Wednesday, October 05, 2005


David Davis fails to deliver

After Cameron's "are you sitting comfortably" approach (though David my mate, "let me take you on a wonderful journey" ain't going to always work in 30+ voter land) which seemed to go down well, and Clarke's "I'm back from the pub for lunch, let's rock" jolly, Davis' speech this morning was, well, how can I put it?

Pants. Complete Marks and Spencers Y-fronts. The Times is being nice about it (though they do call it "uninspiring"), the BBC has picked up on Conference discomfort ("We were expecting alot more"), the Telegraph tells it how it was and as for the Grauniad, calling the reception "polite rather than ecstatic" was an understatement.

Walking out of the session you could hear Adam Smith Institute factory-line implements dropping left, right and centre.

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